Mother Russian gay spoke about the confessions of the sons


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Mothers of homosexuals from Russia told how he learned about the orientation of their children. The story about this came out in the program “Women on top” on the TV channel “Rain”.

Women admitted that at first had no idea that their sons are gay. According to them, the recognition of the children symbolize trust and hope that the mother can understand and accept.

The Russians said that coming out of one’s own is always a great shock and a great experience for parents. They are encouraged not to take on the sons guilt over this and try to support them, even though it is not easy.

One of the women advised the mothers that have just learned about non-traditional orientation of their children gulp drink a glass of vodka. According to her, it helps relieve the tension.

Some of them did not want to believe in the orientation of their sons. Women worried about the reaction of relatives and worried that they will not have grandchildren. They feared for the safety of their children due to the negative attitude of the society towards the LGBT community in Russia.

Mother said that after the confessions read a lot of popular scientific articles on homosexuality and were able to take their children. According to them, they love sons, in the same way as before.

In July, Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatyana Moskalkova said that the country should not violate the rights of representatives of sexual minorities. In her opinion, “a democratic society should be tolerant of different religions, relation to art, culture”.

Russians ‘ attitude to gay parades and same-sex marriage remains negative. Most Russians opposed the holding of the gay pride parades (81 percent of respondents) and gay marriage (87 percent), according to a survey by VTSIOM. More than half of respondents have a negative attitude towards representatives of sexual minorities and considered that the orientation of a person depends on his personal choice.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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