Photos of half-naked women have gained her the title of worst mother in the world


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @farrahabraham

Blogger Farrah Abraham (Farrah Abraham) has angered its subscribers a photo that she published in Instagram.

The picture shows a woman posing standing in the window, which shows the Eiffel tower. She was dressed in a white robe, revealing a deep cleavage. In the caption to the picture Abraham, which has a ten year old daughter, has announced its new daily vlog, and put the hashtags #vospitaniya and #of mapapadali.

The majority of subscribers are outraged by the Frank nature photography. “Enough! What are you teaching my daughter!” — wrote Brenda.hillman.96. “The worst mother in the world” — summed up Carlosthe23.

Some drew attention to the fact that Abraham need professional help. “You need to see a therapist. I don’t understand how you think this is all normal for the education of his daughter” — recommended blogersha user Sweetlady_g.

Later, under the photo there was a comment daughter of Abraham — Sofia. “Oh-Oh! Mama Sofia rocks! Went to the Spa! Love you, mom!” — wrote girl. Some users questioned the fact that the author of these words was indeed Sophia and not her mother.

Farrah Abraham — blogger, singer and contestant of reality show. She became famous after participating in the project 16 and Pregnant (“Pregnant at 16”), which was shown during pregnancy and the first months of motherhood participating in the transfer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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