Putin has promised to be even softer with the guilty businessmen


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin again spoke in favour of leniency and conditions of detention to the court accused in “economic” articles of the Criminal code. He said this during the Eastern economic forum (WEF), the broadcast is YouTube channel “Russia 24”.

“There is no need for economic crimes the person to jail, to choose as a preventive measure detention, there are other forms — is on bail, house arrest and so on,” — said the head of state.

According to him, it is necessary to find a balance “between the interests of the state and those individuals or group interests”. Putin added that already discussed this issue with the attorney General and the President of the Supreme court.

This is not the first time a President speaks about the need of mitigating and preventive measures for the accused in economic crimes. In November last year, he submitted to the state Duma a bill, involving the termination of criminal prosecution on a number of articles subject to damages.

In the beginning of this year as part of the message to the Federal Assembly, the President instructed to think about abandoning the practice of applying to economic crimes such aggravating circumstance as the Commission of in groups. It is directed to employees is not responsible for the actions of the leadership.

Despite this, the year 2018 was a record number of convictions for economic crimes made by the Russian courts: 7.7 thousand (20 percent more than the year before).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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