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Honorable Japanese Empress Michiko will make an operation to remove breast cancer. Reported by the news portal Sohu.

On Saturday, September 7, 84-year-old Michiko, mother of the current Emperor of Japan, Naruhito, was taken to University hospital in Tokyo to prepare for surgery to remove malignant breast tumors. On Saturday the honor of the Empress will take all the necessary tests, and the next day she will be operated.

It is expected that the operation will last about four hours.

I was diagnosed with cancer at an early stage Michiko in July this year during a routine medical examination. Prior to that, honourable Empress have repeatedly complained about shortness of breath during morning walks and sudden weight loss.

Michiko Seda, the daughter of the President of milling company, married crown Prince Akihito in 1959. They broke the centuries-old tradition, according to which the members of the Imperial family married only women of the aristocracy. Empress she began in 1989 when her husband became Emperor after the death of his father Hirohito. The couple has three children: sons, Naruhito and Akishino, and a daughter, Sayako.

In April of this year, Emperor Akihito abdicated, such precedent in the country for two centuries. From 1 may in Japan the era the name the Rave — reins of the country passed to the Emperor of Naruhito.

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