Football Premier League took a beating for someone else’s girl


www.vsyako.netDanny Drinkwater (left)Photo: Eugene Hoshiko / AP

English midfielder of London “Chelsea” Danny Drinkwater was beaten by six unknown blunt object in a nightclub. It is reported by The Sun.

Young men attacked the 29-year-old footballer, chanting “Break his legs” (“Break his legs,” lane “of the”). According to witnesses, the conflict began after Drinkwater began to stick to the girl player “Scandrop United” (the team of the third power division championship of England).

Injuries received in the attack, brought Drinkwater out of action for almost a month. Police at the scene did not cause.

The current season of the English Premier League (EPL) Drinkwater stands for “Burnley” in the loan. Last season he played only one match in the aristocrats. Chelsea midfielder joined in September 2017. Prior to that, he played for Leicester, in which structure became the champion of the country.

The Rambler media Group, the structure of which is online cinema, Okko, acquired the rights to broadcast matches of the English championship for the next three seasons. Specially crafted videoreaction Okko heads a Sports commentator Vladimir stognienko.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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