The pilot told about the origin of food for Putin on flights


www.vsyako.netVladimir Putinto: Mikhail Klimentyev / RIA Novosti

Food for Russian President Vladimir Putin, where he has lunch or dinner during the flight, prepared in advance in the appropriate places for the people concerned. About it in interview to NTV television said the former head of the special flight detachment “Russia” Vladimir Fedorushkin.

Prepared for the President of the food before sending the aircraft take on Board. During the flight, flight attendants expose containers to heat the food and serve Putin. “We have two floors on the Il-96, a kitchen on the ground floor and attached to the stewardess, she brings the President to eat”, — said the pilot.

What food is served to the head of state, Fedorushkin not know. However, he admitted that there were occasions when the President said, “this food Again!” “He wanted something tastier, go for the gusto. Pall. Not that dissatisfaction was expressed, the simple desire is appetite,” said the pilot.

Fedorushkin also said that before the arrival of Putin abroad to the Russian Embassy sent a special cook — he cooks for the President of food for the return journey. From drinks, according to the pilot, the head of the state tea — tonic herbs.

Earlier on 8 September it was reported about the extreme flight of Vladimir Putin in Saint Petersburg. Fedorushkin told that the height was the gusty wind, and the plane is completely knocked out the autopilot. After landing, the President summoned the commander of the vessel on the conversation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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