Trump again want to deprive the government


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The Committee of the house of representatives of Congress of judicial Affairs will vote on the future methods of the investigation of possible violations by President Donald trump. This writes the Politico.

According to the results of the investigation, the Democrat-led Committee will have to make a decision on launching impeachment proceedings. The vote in Committee will take place on Wednesday, September 11.

In late August, the Democratic party was unhappy with the fact that trump is considering the summit “the Big seven” in 2020, at a private resort. They believe that the initiative is contrary to the requirements of the Constitution, which prohibits members of the administration to obtain an economic benefit because of its position.

The Democrats plan to investigate the range of trump, which could be a reason for impeachment. For the meeting the head of state will require the consent of both houses of Congress, which is unlikely with the majority of Democrats in the House of representatives.

July 16, demanding the impeachment of trump spoke kongressvuman, a native of Somalia, Ilhan Omar. In her opinion, the American leader violates the fundamental human rights, and his administration is the most corrupt. The day before trump is called “”progressive” women Democrats of Congress” to return to their countries. “[They] were originally natives of countries whose governments are complete and total disaster (…) and now loudly and angrily telling the people of the United States, the most great and powerful nation, what should be our government,” he argued.

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