Mother helped son is gay become a father of twins


www.vsyako.netValdir das Neves and Marcelito: from personal archive

In the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo woman became a surrogate mother to a gay son. This publication reports The Sun.

45-year-old Valdir das Neves (Valdira das Neves) decided to help the younger son, 24-year-old Marcelo (Marcelo das Neves), to be a father. The fourth time a woman has successfully undergone the procedure of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and in January of this year got pregnant.

On Tuesday, September 3, she gave birth to a boy and a girl, who called Noi (Noah) and Maria Flor (Maria Flor). Noah encountered breathing problems and was placed in the pediatric ward. The newborn is being treated.

“About four years ago, my mother became pregnant from her father, but the girl was born at term in seven months and within a week died, says Marcelo. — We decided to give the mother a chance to raise our children. With the help of my sperm has inseminated the egg of an anonymous donor”.

Marcelo admitted that he always wanted to be a father. “Thank God, mother failed to conceive, concluded the Brazilian. — How great that now our dream has become a reality.”

In April it was reported that a resident of Omaha, Nebraska, Cecile Alec became a surrogate mother to her gay son. The woman passed the necessary preparation before IVF and successfully became pregnant. On March 25, was born a girl Crazy Louise Doherty-Elec.

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