The leader of the criminal Russia predicted the defeat of the main thief of Azerbaijan


www.vsyako.netNadir Calfoforo: IA “Prime Crime”

The leader of the criminal world of Russia Zakhary Kalashov, known in criminal circles as Shakro Young, failed attempt to turn the thieves against the main authority of Azerbaijan Nadir Salifov (Guli). On Monday, September 9, reports news Agency “Prime Crime”.

As a pretext to put pressure on Salifou Kalash tried to use the incident that occurred on August 26 in Turkey. Then 35-year-old hereditary thief in law Guram Chikhladze (Cvijovic) meeting Salihovi beat close to the main authority of Azerbaijan Dzhumageldiyev Arman (Arman Wild).

Dzhumageldiyev felt that Chikhladze behaves too provocatively in front of Salivoli. Shortly thereafter, the Moscow thief in law Badri koguashvili (Kutaisi) said that Salifov, who allowed the beating Chikhladze, is not a thief in law and should be stripped of his title. Koguashvili was supported by Zakhary Kalashov, who noted that what happened in Turkey — slap in the face for him.

However, the attempt Kalashov to pay the thieves in the law against Salifou gave the opposite effect. The latest authority in the criminal world has increased and today Salifou very close to Union with the powerful thieves ‘ clan Merab Jangveladze (Sukhumi). The Alliance would effectively mean the Union of the world of thieves — and a complete defeat of Kalashov.

Meanwhile Jangveladze in a telephone conversation with Kalashov has already stated that he believes Salifou his brother, and the game Kalashov he was tired. Jangveladze also noted that “techniques [Kalashov] from the 90s, when he played off one and other, one saying one thing and others another, obsolete”.

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