Ukrainian engines for Russian ships found a replacement


www.vsyako.netArchived fotofoto: Nikolay Protopopov / RIA Novosti

The Deputy Director of “United engine Corporation” (UEC) Yuri Smolin announced the creation of a line of domestic engines for ships of the Navy of Russia instead of the Ukrainian power plants. About it writes RIA Novosti.

“ODK has performed works commissioned by the defense Ministry on the development of basic gas turbine engines for naval fleet of 8 thousand horsepower up to 25 horsepower,” said Smolin.

According to the designer, the engines belong to the family of M70 as for ships of class “bison” and “Murena” on airbags. Also created М90ФР engines for ships of project 22350 and 20386.

However Smolin reported on plans to develop a gas engine for a supersonic aircraft. At this point in the JDC are working on the search of scientific research, its development should be completed by 2024. It is created for the civil version of the supersonic aircraft based on the Tu-160.

For the Ka-62 JDC creates a substitute for the French Ardiden 3G engine, said Smolin: “the First is the engine VC — 650V for the Ka-226. The second project — VK-1600V. This is the basic engine that will be installed on the Ka-62 helicopter. These engines are now very popular in Russia.” The helicopter is designed to transport 15 passengers to a distance of 600 kilometers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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