Young Muscovites decided to sell alcohol without a passport


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

In 2020, Moscow will start the experiment on introduction of electronic passports not only in the form of a card with a chip, but as a special application on the mobile phone. To use such an application will be in cases where there is no legally significant transactions, for example, when buying in stores of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products. About it in interview to the newspaper “Izvestia” said the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Maxim Akimov.

According to him, in the course of the experiment, the authorities will understand how the app is safe to use and how successful are attempts of hacking and fraud. Pay attention to the reviews for ease of use and sufficient functionality.

App develop for iOS, Android, and Russian operating platform, “Aurora”. The user after installation will have a one time pass authentication procedure and get the codes to sync with the portal. Work on the Russian cryptography on the same principle, which now make purchases via NFC (wireless technology).

Also Ivan said that the authorities are currently working to introduce a system that would block the sale of alcohol to people with severe alcohol intoxication or not allow them to drive. “Perhaps, in the horizon of several years will be the mandatory installation of tracking systems for the state of the driver using face recognition technology”, he said, adding that he as the driver has already been testing these systems.

Currently, the sale of alcohol and tobacco in Russia is prohibited to persons under the age of 18 years. According to the Ministry of health, the bill prohibiting the sale of strong alcohol (the ethanol content of over 16.5 percent) persons under the age of 21 will be in the course of the year. Opponent of this bill is Ministry of Finance.

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