Estimated potential damage from the operation were evacuated from Russia a US spy


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In Russia evaluated the possible damage from the alleged espionage in favor of the United States high-ranking officer of the government of Russia Oleg Smolenkova. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to Russian government agencies.

The publication writes that the estimates of the possession of valuable information by Smolenkova vary widely. According to one source, he was engaged in technical work — was responsible for procurement, travel arrangements, served as the personal orders of his superiors. “I don’t think he could tell Americans anything but popular rumors,” — said the source.

However, according to others, Smolenkov worked at the Russian Embassy in Washington Yuri Ushakov, who now occupies the post of Russian presidential aide on international Affairs. After returning to Moscow he continued to work with Ushakov and enjoyed his trust. The source suggests that Smolenkov could hold significant information, because its head had direct access to Vladimir Putin. “This is serious,” he concluded.

In addition, the source of “Kommersant” in the US government agencies confirmed that in the case of CNN we are talking about Smolenkova.

Earlier it was reported that evacuees from Russia a US spy can be the officer of the government of the Russian Federation Oleg Malenkov. 14 June 2017 he and his wife and three children sailed from Russia on vacation to Montenegro and then were never seen again. On the website edition of the Washington Post in the section of sale have information on the acquisition by Smolenkova homes for 925 thousand dollars in Stafford (Virginia).

Meeting trump, Lavrov and former Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak held a month before in the White house.

September 9, CNN reported that the United States took his informant from Russia, who was the top-level source in the Russian government. It was allegedly done out of fear that trump could contribute to its exposure. The source of “Kommersant” in the Russian foreign Ministry called the information delusions and paranoia.

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