Incurable disease made the boy too good


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In the Scottish city of Aberdeen was born with Williams syndrome. It is reported by local newspaper the Daily Record.

Alex Vasey (Vasey Alex) found a rare genetic disease, when he caught a cold. 38-year-old mother Bethan took sick son for a consultation at the hospital. There he was diagnosed with’s a supravalvular aortic stenosis, characteristic of patients with Williams syndrome. Genetic tests confirmed the presence of the boy of this syndrome.

“When doctors told us about it, we thought that the whole world collapsed, confessed the father of Alex don. — Everything we planned for our child, suddenly lost sense.” A rare disease made Weixi too sociable and friendly: the child is completely absent the fear of strangers.

Parents believe that because of the illness of four years, Casey has become more vulnerable peers. He feels from others of potential danger and can approach a complete stranger to comfort and reassure him. “Alex can talk to anybody — says don. — He doesn’t understand that strangers can hurt him”.

“It takes a lot of words from people is, explains dad. — He immediately applies them to communicate, even without understanding the meaning”. Don fears that in the future people will use the trust and friendship of his son for selfish purposes.

Williams syndrome is an incurable congenital disease that is found in only one of the 20 thousand newborns. This disease is characterized by mental retardation and lack of abstract thinking. Children with Williams syndrome are distinguished by good nature, friendliness, obedience, a desire to communicate and gullibility.

In August it was reported that a girl from Cambodia was born with wrinkled skin due to a rare disease. Despite the figure, the 10-year Bo Rucchin similar to the elderly woman. The child says that he often heard in his address the ridicule and insults.

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