Party show is about survival just drank urine and aroused people’s disgust


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Way to quench the thirst of one of the participants in the British TV show Treasure Island with Bear Grylls surprised the audience. This writes the Metro.

The contestant named Ben took a bottle of my own urine, held his nose and drank it in front of other project participants. He explained that he didn’t want to lose fluid because I am sure that the sooner it will adapt to the environment, the more chances he has to survive.

Ben added that the taste of urine is similar to Apple juice. “Looks like piss, smells like piss, the taste divine,” he said. Other project members reacted to what Ben negative. One of the other contestants could not stand the sight and walked away from Ben.

The audience also approved the decision of the contestant. “This does not was no need, what’s wrong with him?” — I noticed one of the Twitter users. “Yes, it is only five minutes on the island! Better to wait, when it really is on the verge of life and death,” agreed the other.

In Treasure Island with Bear Grylls, a famous TV presenter Bear Grylls, along with the other 12 players must survive on an island in the Pacific ocean during the month. Thus from a helicopter into the area was cleared 100 thousand pounds (8 million). Whoever finds the cash prize can either write it yourself or to share with participants.

Earlier it became known that during filming Bear Grylls was dying due to a bee sting, as he is allergic to bee venom.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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