Rosobrnadzor has responded to the idea of cancelling the exams in schools


www.vsyako.netAnzor of Mutaito: Alexander Natruskin / RIA Novosti

To abandon exams in school not because they need the results for admission to universities. About it said Deputy head of Rospotrebnadzor Anzor Muzaev, reports RIA Novosti.

Muzaev compared the waiver exams waiver of interview when applying for a job. “Without the selection no self-respecting organization, no University today can select the best, able and, indeed, those children who need,” he said.

Earlier, the head of Sberbank German Gref suggested to refuse the exams, because, in his opinion, such a test of knowledge is killing our desire to learn and teaches it to the estimation system. Gref said that his personal goal is to “kill” the exams. Deputy Minister of education Paul Zenkovich said that the waiver of exams in schools in the near future is impossible, because another rapid evaluation system of knowledge when applying for a job yet.

The majority of Russians (58%) opposed the abolition of school exams. The idea was supported by 28 percent of respondents. According to supporters of cancellation of examinations is a serious stress for children. Opponents of the initiative believe that knowledge should be checked, but it is necessary to revise the form of exams, for example, returning to the Soviet system.

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