Syria prepared to attack Israel


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Rodi Said / Reuters

Syria’s armed forces are on alert, waiting for the blow of the Israeli defense Forces in the next few days. This is with reference to a military source in Damascus, according to Al-Masdar News.

It is reported that Israel accuses Syria forces Iran to missile attack and can hit Damascus. This charges the source of the publication rejects: in his words, the Jewish state has not released any missiles.

The source also said that the Israeli forces responsible for an airstrike on Syrian territory, which on the night of September 9, killed 18 soldiers of the Iraqi armed forces, supported by Iran, and was also wounded 38 people.

The civil war in Syria began in spring 2011. The main participants of the conflict — government forces, acting on the side of the incumbent President Bashar al-Assad, the so-called moderate opposition and Islamist groups. The opposition support the United States and European countries, Russia is helping the Bashar Assad’s government.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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