Business rebelled against the mass persecution for the crimes of the nineties


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Representatives of Russian and foreign companies are trying to convince the Supreme court to fix the rule that the Statute of limitations for tax crimes in Russia is estimated from the date of non-payment of tax. Writes about this family-owned Demyan Kudryavtsev, the newspaper “Vedomosti”, citing a written request from the entrepreneurs to the Supreme court.

The discussion arose after the summer of 2019, the Supreme court had in fact offered to cancel the Statute of limitations on tax evasion in Russia and consider it a crime that lasts until the debtor fully cover the debt to the state.

Then the representatives of business, said that this will lead not only to cancellation of the limitation period, but will also give the law retroactive. As a result, the company can be prosecuted for tax evasion 20 years ago and even made to pay interest accrued during all these years. Entrepreneurs stressed that the measure will increase pressure on business and slow down economic activity in Russia.

Thereafter, the Supreme court made the decision to migrate in the fall session of its plenary, which was scheduled to consider a resolution on the Statute of limitations for tax crimes. According to “Vedomosti”, the meeting was held in early September, and a new edition of the resolution of Plenum of the indication of the continuous nature of tax crimes disappeared. However, the business still stress that the decision should be clearly stated that the Statute of limitations for tax crimes is calculated from the date of non-payment of tax.

In the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs, which is one of the applied to the Supreme court by the parties, stressed that the business insists on a clear, quite specific and not worsening the current situation of business rules. In a press-service of the organization reported that it is unclear what the final text of the resolution of Plenum of the Supreme court, but the business is closely monitoring the situation and will take all possible measures to prevent the eternal criminal prosecution for tax crimes.

According to current rules, the Statute of limitations for tax crimes is two to 10 years. Previously, the business Ombudsman Boris Titov, who, along with entrepreneurs appealed to the Supreme court, noted that the rule change may interfere with the President’s aim to decriminalize businesses.

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