Died launched Gagarin into space academician


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Academician of RAS Timur Eneev, author of works in space, died on 95-th year of life on 8 September. His calculations were used to launch into space in 1961 by Yuri Gagarin. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

In the 1950-ies Eneev studied the problem of orientation control of a multistage rocket that was useful for the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite in 1957. Scientist developed methods of changing the orbit of the satellite in flight in the upper atmosphere. He showed that overload and high temperature ballistic descent of the spacecraft does not threaten the life of the astronaut. This was done for the launch of the first man in space.

Eneev also developed a scheme of acceleration of interplanetary spacecraft, where they temporarily become artificial satellites of the Earth. A scientist engaged in fundamental research, including studying the emergence of large-scale structures of the Universe, including galaxies, from clouds of particles. Another area of scientific interest was to predict the formation of structures of biological macromolecules. In 2007, Eneev advocated the teaching of religion in schools and the recognition of academic degrees in theology.

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