Estonia has condemned Russian spy five years



Estonian court sentenced to prison Russian spy. It is reported ERR.

According to the press-Secretary of the security police, his identity and the specific details of the allegations cannot be disclosed at present as law enforcement officers yet has not finished investigation of all circumstances connected with the criminal case.

It is known that the accused made a deal with the investigation, the court sentenced him to five years imprisonment.

In February of last year, Estonia and Russia had an exchange of convicted spies. Moscow gave convicted in Russia for espionage entrepreneur Raivo Susi, and Tallinn is in Estonia, who is serving a sentence for the same crime of a citizen of Russia Artem Zinchenko.

Zinchenko, according to Estonian law enforcement, trained in Russian military intelligence and intensified its activities in the Baltic Republic in 2013 after receiving his family residence. In Tallinn, said that the Russians under the guise of trade of strollers, was trying to access classified information about the Estonian army and the agencies of state security, but has not coped with the task and was discovered. On the court, he repented.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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