Leaders called the environmental rating of Russian regions


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Eugene Vadim epanchitsev / RIA Novosti

Tambov oblast, Altai Krai and Belgorod oblast were the leaders in environmental conditions among other Russian regions, should be from the “National ecological rating of regions of the Russian Federation” published on the website of the public organization “Green patrol”.

In addition to these regions, the top ten also includes the Republic of Altai, Moscow, Magadan oblast, Kursk oblast, Murmansk oblast, Ulyanovsk oblast, Republic of Komi. Completing the list of the Moscow region (76), Omsk oblast (77 place), Krasnoyarsk Krai (78th), Orenburg oblast (79), Zabaykalsky Krai (80), Nizhny Novgorod oblast (81), Yakutia (82), Chelyabinsk oblast (83 place), Sverdlovsk oblast (84), Irkutsk oblast (85).

“For the last 85 place ranking for the first time in 11 years was Irkutsk oblast. The region has experienced two waves of floods, large-scale forest fires. There were reports that unscrupulous citizens of the arson attempted to conceal illegal logging. In the ranking of just one last place. But at the end of summer on he could claim at least five of the Ural and Siberian regions”, — said the Chairman of the Board of public organization “Green patrol” Andrey Nagibin.

“Despite a consistently high place in our rating as “an eyesore” is the situation around the Murmansk commercial port, located in the centre of Murmansk. In our address have been received from residents of Murmansk in connection with the pollution of the city with coal dust and noise caused by the handling of coal at the port,” — said the coordinator of the Union “national ecological housing” Fedor Trusov.

The rating was made public organization “Green patrol” together with the Union “a national environmental body.” It is calculated and published four times a year, after each season.

In Russia to 2024 will be implemented the national project “Ecology”, which is aimed at the complex decision of environmental problems of the country. Its implementation will receive four trillion rubles, three of which will receive from investors. The project consists of several sections: “Clean country”, “Integrated system of municipal solid waste management”, “Clean air”, “Clean water”, “Improvement of the Volga” and others.

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