Merkel no longer consider the US a defender of Europe


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Europe needs to think about their safety because the United States would not defend her automatically. This was stated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, her words TASS reports.

According to her, the USA is really a superpower in military and economic terms and, despite the differences, European countries are strongly associated with Americans. At the same time, “no more automatism that they like during the cold war, will play the role of defender of Europe”, said the Chancellor in the debate on the budget in the Bundestag (the German Parliament).

Merkel indicated that the state should make a more significant contribution to their safety. The Prime Minister also noted that the debate on the budget, “held during a time of great change and shift of power in the world”.

The US repeatedly called on Germany and other NATO members to increase spending to the Treaty of Alliance of two percent of GDP.

As reported in March, Germany initially agreed to this increase in the defense budget, then it was about increasing to 1.5 percent by 2024, subsequently, however, and that purpose was called into question.

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