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Less than a third — 31 per cent of Russians who buy a new home loan when choosing a mortgage program tied for first place such factors as the size of a credit rate. A survey on the topic was conducted by specialists of real estate “Bon Ton”, materials research is at the disposal “of the”.

As found by the interviewers, the majority of settlers — 37 percent — paying attention primarily on the level of monthly payment is comfortable enough if the ratio between the amount loaned to the Bank, to the income level of the family. “The optimal ratio of cost to total income allows us to make mortgages more comfortable, — experts explain. — The borrower retains the familiar lifestyle, and the presence of credit obligations not significantly so”.

The option with the bet level chosen about 31 percent of potential borrowers. These buyers are ready to choose the best deals, regardless of the reputation of the Bank, the researchers note, the main thing — the ability to get a mortgage with a minimum percentage.

About 16 percent of respondents put a priority on the issue of overpayment is: how much “extra” money they will give to the Bank for the entire loan term. Another 11 percent said that focusing on the term loan and the conditions for limiting the age of the borrower.

The remaining 5 percent of the votes were for this criterion as the size of the down payment. “Borrowers that do not have sufficient funds on hand, but planning to buy housing here and now, ready to take credit even with the rate increase,” — stated in “Bon Ton”.

Earlier in September, the Russians promised early decline in mortgage rates. In particular, the General Director of the mortgage company “Home.Russia” Alexander Plutnik said that interest rates for home loans in the country reduced to 8 percent per annum before 2024 — term designated in the presidential decree “On the national goals and strategic objectives development of the Russian Federation”.

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