Moscow police attacked bystanders with a gun and broke a colleague’s nose


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maxim Kimerling / “Kommersant”

Moscow police attacked with a gun on migrants from Kyrgyzstan, and then beat a colleague in the police Department. On Wednesday, 11 September, according to the telegram-channel Baza.

Were on vacation officer of the Tver OVD was involved in a street conflict with outsiders and threatened them with a gun. Into place there arrived police officers who detained the colleague and was taken to the Department. There operative attacked the attendant, hitting him in his face.

Duty officer went to the hospital with a broken nose, and the operative was disarmed and taken to the detention center. According Baza, at the moment of detention he could be drunk from it came the strong smell of alcohol.

On 9 September it was reported that in Nizhny Tagil Prosecutor demanded 6 to 7 years of imprisonment to three security officers of the police Department who tortured a detainee. The accused demanded from the victim to confess to “any crime” to improve their performance, but was refused and paid him about 40 blows with hands and feet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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