The government refused to spare the money to prevent abortions


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Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev proposed to expand the function of a birth certificate for the prevention of abortion. He told about it on Wednesday, September 11, in the program “Dialogue” on TV channel “Russia 24”.

“There are a number of tools that are already working, that same birth certificate. It could be used in this value, that is, for example, to provide psychological support, counseling, slightly increasing its value,” — said the head of government.

In response to Medvedev’s statement were present at the programme, Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova suggested how it would be possible to apply this tool for development of psychological work with women.

“We would like to have such stimulating supplements medical psychologists and other medical professionals who work in these offices, women’s clinics, maternity houses,” she said, adding that lately the system was built “pre-abortion consultation”, in which those in difficult life situations women receive social and psychological assistance.

In response to the statement Skvortsova, the head of government said that saving lives “no spare money”, authorizing the Minister of health to prepare proposals on this issue.

Earlier in the Russian Orthodox Church compared abortion makes women weed and called on Russians “not to turn into the Europeans, in which 11 heads of state do not have children.” “They are for movies killed three people, and still boast this, or for participation in some ballets they killed! (…) I would have them expelled for starters,” said head of the Patriarchal Commission for family Affairs, Archpriest Dimitrii (Smirnov).

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