The man slept in the bed of an elderly stranger and paid


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In the canadian province of Quebec man was fined 496 canadian dollars (24.6 per thousand) after he was found asleep in a strange bed. It is reported СТV News.

The police reported that an elderly resident of the village of Wakefield returned home about two o’clock on Sunday, September 8, and found a strange man sleeping soundly in her bed. Cracker were half your age lady of the house. The woman did not Wake up the stranger. Instead, she went to the nearest police station and informed about the incident the law enforcement officers.

When police woke the sleeping, he was sure that he is at home. It turned out that the man was drunk and broke into someone’s house by mistake, confusing it with his own. His house is 18 miles from Wakefield.

Man fined for being on someone else’s private property without good reason. The police clarify that the canadian did not burst into the house: the door was not locked. The woman refused to write a statement on him, and the man was taken home.

The police said that the offender was well educated: he had removed his shoes at the front door before you go to bed.

Earlier it was reported that in the U.S. city of Marlborough, Massachusetts, unknown got into the house to the man and got out. The landlord inspected it, but found that the intruder did not take anything.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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