The star of the reality show have found their photos on pornosayte and upset


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The British model, reality star Nicola McLean (Nicola McLean) found on pornosayte your candid photos. According to The Sun, the pictures were stolen by hackers through hacking Agency.

37-year-old McLean was known for regularly appearing on the third page of British tabloids. The practice of posting explicit female photo of the newspaper the Sun in 1970-ies, it was followed by other publications. According to the woman, she sold the photos to the Agency, however, due to the leak of images they ended up in a free access.

“When people hack, I usually think they definitely did it yourself. I’m sure there is some truth to that, but I have not hacked the same iCloud or something else — it happened to by the photo Agency,” — said the model.

McLean noted that the photos are now on pornosayte where publish details of celebrities. The model told that the stolen pictures she’s not completely naked, but she was confused by the fact that they appear in free access. “It’s terrible that they can just to do it, and for them it will be nothing”, she concluded.

5 September it was reported that the Briton Ashley Wilson (Ashleigh Wilson) distributed in a network of intimate photos of elderly man after he refused to pay her ransom for them.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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