Caught in the violation of the deputies of the party Zelensky refused to pay


Two deputies of Verkhovna Rada from the party “servant of the people” caught voting on behalf of other parliamentarians, publicly apologized and refused to pay for the month. About it reports “Ukrainian truth”.

At the meeting of Parliament MPs Sergey Litvinenko and Elena Kohanchuk promised to send the money to charities. “In my actions there was no malicious intent. I’m just worried that for these laws voted,” — said Litvinenko.

It is noted that the representatives of the “public Servants” in both cases, voted for his own party.

MP from the “Batkivshchyna” Ivan krulko also suggested that the speaker Dmitry Razumkova to call on the parliamentarians of the previous convocation, which was accused of such a violation, however, the Chairman of the Parliament stressed that listening to their explanations “is not enough of the week.”

In June, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky submitted to the Parliament a bill providing for criminal liability for non-personal voting (the”piano voting”). According to the document, punishment for this violation will be a penalty of three to five salaries, that is from 51 to 85 thousand.The bill has not yet passed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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