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The authorities of the administrative region Molise in southern Italy has proposed a guide willing to relocate to one of the settlements of the region with a population of two thousand inhabitants. About it reports The Guardian.

The allowance will be 700 Euro (about 50 thousand rubles) a month, his newcomers will pay within three years — thus, total compensation for relocation will amount to 25.2 thousand euros. As a mandatory condition for receiving regular cash payments the authorities indicate permanent residence in the village or a small town and opening in this village own business.

“It could be a bakery, a stationery shop, a restaurant — anything. So we breathe life into our towns and increase the population”, — leads edition of the words of the head of Molise Donato Tom.

Tom added that the human settlements of the region, where they live at least two thousand people, will be monthly allocated 10 million euros for infrastructure development and the organization of cultural events. “People need a reason to stay [in Molise], otherwise we’re right back where we started a few years”, — said the head of the region.

The data of the Italian national Institute of statistics show that since 2014, the region lost more than nine thousand inhabitants — the birth rate is almost zero, while the young people of Molise are leaving in large cities, and the old men dying off. Currently, the population of the region is 305 thousand people.

Earlier it was reported that the authorities of the city of Mussomeli in Sicily was put up for sale local historic property for the price of 1 Euro per house. During the year, the new owners will have to refurbish the housing.

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