Men are cautioned against using toothpaste to increase potency


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Experts recommend men not to put the toothpaste itself on the genitals, as suggested to do in several popular videos on YouTube. Review of the experts leading tabloid the Daily Mail.

According to journalists, one of the first such movie on video published by the user under the name Jose Barber. In the video reported on the use of the paste to “cure”. Later, there were other videos, many of them received several hundred thousand views.

In particular, it was reported that with a paste to prevent premature ejaculation and get rid of erectile dysfunction. For this purpose ostensibly it is necessary to clean the head of the penis pasta with water. “You can have sex for 30 minutes longer in just seven days!” — I promised the author of the video.

In his opinion, the pasta would be a win-win option for the treatment of male diseases, as this cheap product does not cause allergic reactions. In addition, its use will not be noticeable to the woman.

Pharmacist James O loehn (James O Loan) has denied allegations that toothpaste somehow will help to deal with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. “Mint oil and other chemicals in toothpaste can be very irritating to delicate skin,” he explained.

O loehn said that the smearing of the paste on the genitals can cause burns, blisters and scars. “It is also impossible to use as a lubricant” — summed up the pharmacist.

Agreed with him the urologist rich Vaini (Rich Viney). He noted that the use of toothpaste before sex can be dangerous for women, as it can increase the risk of infection in the vagina.

In August, Reddit users, working in the medical field, told about the most common and the strange delusions of his patients. Some tried to treat syphilis probiotics, others were convinced that at birth the child of the women need to get.

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