Peace trump dropped the oil


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Mitigation the position of President of the United States Donald trump on Iran has led to a significant drop in oil prices. Three hours Brent oil lost 3.74 percent, and WTI — 3.64 per cent, according to data trading.

By 10:30 Moscow time oil was slightly corrected towards the low of Wednesday, but losses for the day exceed three percent. Brent traded at 60.86 per barrel, WTI — 55,86 dollar.

Such dynamics resulted in the dismissal of trump his assistant for homeland security John Bolton, who was considered a “hawk” and advocated an active pressure on the opponents of the United States. Commenting on his resignation, the White House did not rule out that before any negotiations with Iran will soften the sanctions against him, which is opposed by Bolton.

As found by the American media, with the support of this initiative was made by Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin. He announced on 10 September that trump is ready to negotiate with Tehran without preconditions. As indicated by sources, by the time the decision to fire Bolton has already been made.

After the release of “nuclear deal” the U.S. imposed a ban on the export of oil by Iran and has threatened sanctions to any country or company in cooperation with the Islamic Republic. In this regard, Tehran has begun to sell oil on the gray market, accusing the move of the United States. The easing of sanctions of Iran’s oil export will increase the supply in the market.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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