Put the plane in a cornfield the pilot and flight attendant immortalized on the house


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vadim Shuvalov page on Facebook

The pilot of “Ural airlines” Damir Yusupov and Dmitry Iwelcome flight attendant, successfully made an emergency landing in a cornfield near the airport Zhukovsky and saved the lives of over 230 people dedicated to graffiti in Surgut. Picture painted by artists of the Samara Art Studio Way of sketch on the wall of one of the houses was published by the head of the city Vadim Shuvalov on his page in Facebook.

He said that street art is created at the World, 34A. Part of the graffiti became famous phrase Havlickova “Go to the right, in the sun, along the rows of corn.”

“It’s great that soon the city will be decorated with work that is not just beautiful — it reflects important for the country and nation event!” — said Shuvalov.

The plane “Ural airlines” with 226 passengers on Board flew from Moscow to Simferopol in the morning on August 15 and made an emergency landing in a cornfield near the airport Zhukovsky. 23 people were hospitalized, including five children.

The cause of the fire engines was called the ingress of birds into the engine during the landing one of the engines fell off. Later, the airline said that the ship failed power plants.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin awarded the two pilots of a rank of Heroes of Russia, the rest of the crew — the order of Courage. At a press conference the pilot Yusupov said that he does not consider himself a hero because he did what should have been.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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