Shown in the TV series “Chernobyl” General appealed to Putin


www.vsyako.netMajor-General Nikolay Tarakanovoj: the TV channel “Rain”

Major-General Nikolay Tarakanov, one of the real characters of the series “Chernobyl” HBO TV channel, appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin for help. The plot of the liquidator released the TV channel “Rain”.

“Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! I would love to meet you and again to remember your Chernobyl days that I left my health, and tell you why the heroes of Chernobyl forgotten today. And you personally. I’m sorry,” — said Tarakanov.

The General said that until the mid-2000s, the liquidators was based on good benefits. Disabled people of Chernobyl were able to get an apartment without queue times in six years — a passenger car, to take the interest-free loan, free to go to the sanatorium and undergo treatment.

After the adoption of the law on monetization of benefits (in 2005 most of them had been replaced by a monthly cash compensation — approx. “Of the”) the liquidators lost the majority of payments. They had to sue to achieve the required compensation. Tarakanov managed to get 27 thousand rubles.

General need treatment in a clinic of Israel, where he was put on his feet after the Chernobyl accident. You need to restore 1.6 million rubles. Cockroaches wanted to pay for the treatment themselves, but lost the same amount after the revocation of the license of the “City savings Bank”, where he kept all his savings.

He decided to ask for help to Putin and sent him a telegram. After leaving the series “Chernobyl” Tarakanova was invited to broadcast many national media, but the President did not respond to his appeal.

“Nothing! Silence is complete I [Putin] wrote: well assemble at least once in the Kremlin [the liquidators], tell them thank you! Nothing. Even the answer was no,” said the General. Cockroaches believes that his appeal is simply not reach Putin.

Major-General Nikolay Tarakanov — doctor of technical Sciences, member of the Union of writers of Russia. In the course of liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl disaster, he oversaw the operation to remove radioactive elements from particularly dangerous areas of plant. Cockroaches — a confidant of Vladimir Putin. He published a book on the activities of the President.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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