The Hong Kong market have decided to escape from China under the wing of the UK


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Bobby Yip / Reuters

The Hong Kong stock exchange (HKEX) has offered the London (LSE) to unite. The amount of the proposed transaction may be of the order 36,56 billion dollars. This LSE must renounce the acquisition of provider of business information Refinitiv, writes Bloomberg.

At the close of trading on 10 September the cost of ordinary shares in LSE were 68,04 the pound, and after the appearance of information on the prospects of the merger the value of the securities jumped to 79.22 pound, but soon rebounded to 70.98 pound. In the proposal of HKEX LSE one share valued at 83,61 pound.

The publication suggests that the merger will give Hong Kong “alternate” amid continuing protests and help mitigate the possible impact of the economic downturn due to the trade war, the United States and China. However, market participants in reality trades do not believe. London took note of the proposals, but considered it “highly conditional.” At the same time at the LSE said that still intend to buy Refinitiv, the deal will amount to $ 27 billion.

Protests continue in Hong Kong a few months. They were provoked by the plans of the district administration to pass the bill on extradition, which included the extradition of suspects in crimes on the mainland. Under pressure from protesters, the authorities abandoned the plans, but the protests have not stopped.

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