The woman quit her job and became a naked lady


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25-year-old Victoria Murphy (Victoria Murphy) from Edinburgh, Scotland, quit her job as a beautician and opened her own firm that provides cleaning services in the Nude. This publication reports The Sun.

Murphy graduated from University with a degree in “event Organiser”. For some time she worked as a beautician, but at some point I came across an ad about an American company, which provided services naked cleaners. Then she came up with the idea to start their own business.

Now in subjection to the Murphy 15 people, including three men. The naked cleaners get from 55 to 75 pounds (from 4.4 to 6 thousand rubles) per hour, depending on the degree of nudity. Customers can choose one of two options: cleaning in underwear, in bikinis or completely naked.

Before you create your own business, Murphy herself has tested this type of activity. She stated that she did not want her employees got in a situation in which she has not visited herself. According to her, naked cleaning should not be confused with an escort service. In this case we are talking about fun and flirting.

When Murphy had last been announced the recruitment of staff, she received more than 100 applications. The owner of the business said that it is very important clean.

The Creator of the company assumed that the main target audience are working men around the age of 40 years, but in practice clients were very different. Some of them were about 30 others in the area for 80 years. Many live alone, so for them the opportunity to have fun and chat.

In June it was reported that in the UK 26-year-old construction worker was off work and also founded his cleaning company. The Briton claims that once joked in a conversation with my parents that cleaning naked is a dream job, but then realized that he really wants to do it, and now there is no release from customers.

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