Editor in chief and co-founder TJournal left edition


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Co-founder of the online publication TJ (TJournal) Nikita Likhachev resigned as chief editor of the portal, reports VC.ru. About the new job, he promised to announce later.

Likhachev will remain the owner of the company “Committee” that owns VC.ru, TJournal and DTF. The size of its share is not disclosed. To lead the editorial staff will be Sergei Star, held the post of Deputy editor.

In a posting on TJ Likhachev explained that he decided about two weeks ago and wrote a statement. “I will remain the owner of the company, sometimes even going to do something for the home edition if needed, but not on the rights of the editor-in-chief”, he added.

TJournal was launched as an aggregator of tweets in 2011. Likhachev was one of the founders of the project. In 2014 TJournal along with the publication VC.ru (formerly “Zuckerberg will call”) became part of the publishing house “the Committee”. By 2019, TJ became the blog platform. Likhachev was the chief editor for eight years, since inception in 2011.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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