The bride wanted to wear a wig for a sick with cancer friend and infuriated users


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On Reddit became viral story of a cancer patient bridesmaids about how the bride asked her to come to the wedding in a wig. It was published by the user with the nickname Gutsandhoney, specified that he came across this story in Facebook and decided to share it with other Reddit users.

The viral heroine of the publication explained that since she was diagnosed with cancer, she lost all hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes. According to her, the bride spoke several times about his desire to see a best friend on the celebration is not bald and in a wig. In addition, the bride said to her friend that the makeup before the wedding will cost her more than the rest because the makeup artist will have to spend more effort.

The girl admitted that she does not want to comply with the request of the bride. “Usually I just go bald and proud of it, and buying a wig is not profitable for me neither the financial nor from a practical point of view,” she explained. In conclusion, your post bridesmaid wrote that she feels as if she “punished for the fact that she has cancer.”

Many netizens protested such behavior of the bride. “She’s not your friend. I would not go to the wedding because there is no need to tolerate such toxicity”, — expressed his opinion on the situation one of the users. “Buy a broom, disconnect the handle, and put the rest on his head. And come with a proud look,” he advised the other.

Some complained that they became physically ill from reading this story. “I became ill from this post,” admitted BrittanyBeauty. “I have this story angered, so much so that my blood pressure raised,” wrote 14to66to101.

Earlier the man has been criticized in the network after the cost of the celebration without pictures of the wife. As planned, and the groom, and the bride was on the camera during the wedding, and each of them went to the shooting festival in different ways.

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