The Russians found the sponge for washing dishes, the loaf of bread


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Valentin Diankov

Resident of the city of Chekhov in the Moscow region Valentin Diankov found the sponge for washing dishes, the loaf of bread. This was reported by “Moscow today”.

Finding a sponge, the man went back to the store in Kryukovo, where he usually buys the pastries. He said that store employees “laughed”, but got the money back. “But I, unlike them, was not fun. And if this bread was eaten by the child? Little did this ill-fated than a soaked sponge,” says Diankov.

He also appealed to the manufacturer, the company “Russian bread”. They took the complaint and promised to conduct an official inspection.

5 August in Moscow, police detained 19 migrants who worked in the plant for the production of blanks for Shawarma. The products did not meet safety requirements. States that of the 19 detainees, 16 migrants had no legal grounds for stay and employment in Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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