The Russians will feed the artificial meat


www.vsyako.netPhoto: website of Mikhail Goncharov in Facebook

Network of fast food restaurants Teremok add the menu dishes with faux meat. About the upcoming experiment on his page in Facebook said the company’s founder Mikhail Goncharov.

“We decided in the near future to run it on test for a limited number of restaurants. We are interested in how the taste will be adopted and the idea,” he said. We are talking about products Beyond Meat. “The taste is really awesome “meat” product memorable and unique. A feeling that I was eating a juicy meat Patty from the grill,” wrote the potters.

At the same time, the entrepreneur said that while the cost of meals with faux meat in “Teremok” will be high compared to the rest of the range — low of 449 rubles. “It is clear that at this price the product in our “Towers” can’t be competitive”, — said Goncharov.

Experiments with the introduction of a menu carry out artificial meat and other food network. For example, until the end of 2019 these products plan to add in the Burger King restaurants in the United States. On the implementation of the meat for the vegans thought and KFC.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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