Declassified CIA plans to use pigeons and dolphins as spies


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Victor Tolochko / RIA Novosti

During the cold war, the CIA planned to use pigeons, dolphins and other animals for espionage against the Soviet Union. This is evidenced by the documents on the preparation of animals for missions, declassified American intelligence Agency. The dataset published on the website of the CIA.

So, the bird tried to snap the camera to the Soviet objects. The choice fell on the pigeons because they are able to overcome hundreds of kilometres to return home. In addition, pigeons can tolerate harsh weather conditions. To train them is planned, particularly in Alaska, then birds could work in the far North of the USSR.

“The latest data of the Department of research and development have demonstrated that homing pigeons are able to carry advanced 16-millimeter camera, which makes the oblique high-resolution imagery”, — stated in the documents.

The Agency also planned to apply the intelligence of crows, pigeons, however, proved more effective. The operation to study the possibility of using the birds for spying was called Tacana.

The secret service also intended to utilize as agents the dolphins that would “enter the Harbor”. In these experiments involved dogs and cats, but “on a number of technical and other reasons,” none of the programs to transform animals into spies has not been implemented, noted on the website of the CIA.

In late April the experts in Norway suspect the Beluga whale in espionage in favor of Russia. The whale was tight kit for cameras or weapons with the inscription “Equipment of Saint-Petersburg”. The fishermen, who witnessed the whale deliberately followed the boat and tried to pull the straps and ropes from their sides.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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