Russians learn to know the origin of sort by name


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Oleksandr Kondratyuk / RIA Novosti

The Russians have the names to know the origin of his kind. About this “Russian newspaper” said the Chairman of the Ural branch of the Archeographic Commission of RAS, doctor of historical Sciences Alexei Mosin.

According to him, one of the ways of formation of surnames in the old days, was a distinguishing feature of man from lameness and stuttering to his character.

For reliable information in the first place should, if possible, to ask their older relatives. The next step will be a visit to the archives. With the method of searching can help you to understand genealogical society, but it is important not to run into scams that money can concoct ancestry, unrelated to reality.

The scientist warned that this process is quite complicated — it is very likely that you will have to contact the archives of different cities or write requests to other countries.

Another complication Mosin called the translation of old documents. In particular, problems often arise when deciphering the cursive handwriting of the XVII-XVIII centuries.

However, if all is going well, there is a chance to restore the family to the era of Ivan the terrible.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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