The question of the proper storage of chocolate fell out of Internet users


Users Facebook had an argument about where to properly store chocolate. The discussion was provoked by the police of the Australian state of New South Wales, published in the social network post with the condemnation of those who keep the treats in the fridge.

“People are shoveling chocolate in the fridge — those who do not adhere to the rules to go in the left lane (one of the rules of the road in Australia. — approx. “Of the”). We are now seeing and those of others,” wrote police in the publication.

The post went viral, with 29 thousand likes and 20 thousand comments. Some users agreed with the opinion of the police. “It is time to do something with the monsters that freeze the chocolate,” wrote one user. “It is abnormal and akin to a crime,” agreed the other.

However, many stated that the local climate to keep the chocolate at room temperature is not possible. “With our summer? Are you sure? Want the ants got divorced,” said commentator Troy Neal. “There is nothing more pleasant than to bite into a piece of solid, cold, delicious chocolate,” added another user.

Police said anyone who disagreed, reminding them that they live in New South Wales, but not in the Simpson desert. The dispute even involved a member of Parliament from the labour party Sonya Kathleen (Kathleen Sonia). “I have chocolate at home for a long time is not stored, therefore there is no need to store it in the fridge” — she wrote.

Earlier, another topic sparked a feud between the users of the network — unwashed pillows. Some users admitted that they had not washed them since the purchase, others insisted that the pillows and pillowcases should be washed regularly.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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