The Russian made selfi on the background of the murdered man and dropped the phone photo police


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti

The inhabitant of Vorkuta (Komi Republic) was convicted of two murders and sent to 20 years in colony of strict regime. This was reported by BNK.

In October 2018, during a feast the man stabbed his friend 13 stab wounds to the abdomen. From loss of blood the victim died on the spot. The killer photographed against the backdrop of his body, took out of the apartment telephone, household appliances and left the room. After that, the Russian taxi went to the center of the city, where a knife killed a passerby.

Committing the second murder, the man went to the restaurant, which began to show the audience photos from the scene of the first crime. After drinking more alcohol, he began to behave inappropriately, in this connection, were detained by police. At the police station fell out of his pocket the phone. The guards saw not the lock screen photo with the dead man and asked who this man was. A resident of Vorkuta said he was no longer alive.

In respect of the Respondent was prosecuted under articles about murder, theft and theft of causing significant damage.

A similar case occurred in September 2017. Then the road workers found mobile phone photos of the man posing with fragments of the human body. In addition, the memory images of the human scalp and head belonging to an unknown woman. The identity of the owner of the phone, it was them 35-the summer inhabitant of Krasnodar. He was arrested, during the interrogation, he said that the remains of a body he found by chance and decided to do a selfie with them and then lose your mobile device.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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