Chechens Kadyrov thanked for the fight against witchcraft


www.vsyako.netSecinat Ibragimov, was detained in Chechnya for coldstart: chgtrk “Grozny”

Residents of Chechnya thanked the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov for the fight against witchcraft. It is reported by the “Caucasian Knot”.

So the Chechens reacted to the arrest of a local resident of Secinat Ibragimova, which police have been accused of magic services.

“I Express my gratitude to Ramzan Kadyrov for the fact that protects his people from all enemies, open and hidden,” wrote one user in the group of the publication “the Caucasus.Realities” in Facebook. “That’s right. Well done, Ramzan”, — said the other commentator.

Some users protested the detention of women. They called such actions of the authorities idiocy and recalled that similarly in the middle ages did the Inquisition.

Chechen broadcasting company “Grozny” produced a story about the arrest of the witch. Ibragimov, repented and asked for forgiveness in front of the camera.

In the story reported that the witch was doing magic rituals 2013. She withdrew a set of objects for magic — land from the graveyard, locks, keys, paper with unknown writing, as well as photos of different people. Local residents have expressed fears that Ibragimova used the pictures to put a curse. They advised those who found themselves on the photo, to treatment for the evil eye.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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