Erotic dance Sobchak after the wedding angered ROC


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dmitry Bulanov / RIA Novosti

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak and theater Director Konstantin Bogomolov sinned immediately after the wedding. About it the acting head of the press service of the Patriarch Vladimir Legoyda wrote in the Telegram channel.

According to him, an erotic wedding dance, which Sobchak played at the wedding, combined with a little human behavior, just obvenchatsya in the Church. Legoyda recalled that a couple of the sacrament witnessed in writing repentance “unworthy deeds in the past” and promised not to commit sins.

“I guess the priest thought, and hoped, that all this was done sincerely. Alas, immediately followed these actions give a serious reason in this sincerity to doubt”, — said the representative of the Patriarch. He asked about the meaning of “to make vows to God,” if Sobchak and the mantid planned to make a “performance” after the wedding.

Earlier Legoyda said that the wedding Sobchak and Bogomolov was conducted in accordance with all Church requirements. According to him, before the sacrament, as expected, the pair has been in conversation with the priest about the meaning of marriage and the Christian understanding of family life.

During the celebration the bride in a black corset with red garter on the leg dance Frank dance on stage to the song “Come with me, come into my dreams”, and then went to bed. Two men dancers brought to her new husband.

Sobchak and the mantid were married on Friday, September 13. They came to Church in a carriage. The presenter went to the temple in the veil and with a bouquet in hand. Before the couple registered their marriage in the registry office Griboyedov Moscow. The couple got to the place of registration in a hearse with the words “Till death do us part.”

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