Fear of robbery has forced the girl to swallow in the dream engagement ring


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The California resident has swallowed an engagement ring from a nightmare about the robbery. Reported by the Mirror.

29-year-old jenna Evans had a nightmare in which she wanted to Rob the bandits, while she and a young man was driving in the high-speed train. The girl’s fiance, Bobby, was advised to hide the ornament in his mouth, but due to sleep disorders American have done so awake and reflexively swallowed.

When the girl woke up, she found that her ring was actually missing, although the situation with the robbers turned out to be a nightmare. Evans said that about one and a half hours laughing over the situation with the young man and mom, before I decided to go to the hospital.

“The doctor did an x-ray and was very surprised when he returned with the second doctor showed me that, of course, my ring was right in my belly!” — shared the American.

According to her, doctors had to conduct an endoscopy to remove the decoration, which by that time had already been found in the gut of Evans and started to cause her pain. The girl was advised to see a specialist on sleep to avoid a repeat situation in the future.

In July it was reported that a resident of India swallowed 1.6 kilograms of jewelry, coins and other items. During the surgery of her stomach got 69 chains, earrings, 80, 46 coins, eight medallions, 11 rings for the nose, five anklets and watches. The total cost of all items is estimated at 53 thousand pounds (4.2 million).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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