Found on the dump of 12-year-old Ukrainian woman gave birth to a child


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Igor Onuchin / RIA Novosti

In the Ukrainian city of Rivne were found on the dump of 12-year-old girl gave birth to a child. It is reported portal “Char_vne”.

Delivered in the Rivne regional perinatal center. According to the chief physician Victoria yenikeyeva, the doctors brought pregnant straight from the landfill. After a few hours she gave birth to a boy in a natural way.

It is noted that the 12-year-old girl of Roma arrived in Exactly the Transcarpathian region. Being pregnant, she was not on the account at doctors. Enikeeva noted that this is the first such case in the medical institutions.

In August, the Moscow schoolgirl found out about her pregnancy during childbirth. 16-year-old girl sought medical advice because of severe pain in the abdomen and the appearance of excess weight. Doctors found that the girl is in ninth month of pregnancy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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