In Germany started talking about trying to force Russia out of the gas market


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The decision of the European court to cancel the extension of access “Gazprom” to the capacity of the Opal gas pipeline, receiving gas “Northern stream” is of a political nature. This opinion shared the head of the German-Russian group in the German Bundestag, a Deputy from the party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) Robbie Slung, reports RIA Novosti.

“The intention of artificially reducing the volume of transit, to raise the price of Russian gas to make us liquefied natural gas more competitive,” he said. According to him, the court’s decision could lead more to market distortion and the increase in resource costs for Europe rather than equality. He said that in this way Russia is trying to discredit and partly out of the market.

The interlocutor of the Agency stressed that Germany needs an uninterrupted supply of gas from Russia for the safety of the population and “economic engine” of the country. That is why, in the interests of their own state, ADG supports the “Nord stream 1 and Nord stream-2,” he explained.

“In that case, if the gas reserves and also opportunities to replace other sources of energy will be clearly provided for our country, we shall be satisfied,” concluded Slung.

On 10 September, the EU court on the claim of Poland reversed the decision of the European Commission (EC) from 2013. According to this decision, “Gazprom” provided access to 90 percent of the capacity of Opal pipeline (overland continuation of Nord stream in Germany). The court decided that full access to the pipeline may reduce the transit of Russian gas through Poland and that in its decision the EC had violated the principle of energy solidarity of the EU.

The pipeline was built by 75 percent. The operators of the project promised that the work will be completed in time and first gas will start up on December 31. The timing may be delayed because of Denmark: the country has still not agreed to the request on the passage of the offshore section.

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