Iran has denied involvement in the attack on Saudi Arabia


www.vsyako.netThe Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran Mohammad Javad of Tariffata: Hadi Mizban / Associated Press

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Iran rejected accusations of involvement in attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, put forward by US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“Policy for the provision of “maximum pressure”, followed by the Americans, apparently because of her failure rushed in the direction of “maximum lie”,” — commented on the policy statement of the American official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Iran Abbas Mousavi.

Pompeo previously accused Iran of “unprecedented attack on the world energy supply”. “There is no evidence that attacks are coming from Yemen,” he wrote on Twitter. Pompeo urged the international community to condemn the aggression and to do everything we can to bring Iran to justice. U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham proposed to attack the oil refinery facilities in Iran.

On the morning of 14 September, a fire occurred on the territory of the national oil company of Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco. According to official information, the fire started in the attack drones. Responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Yemeni Houthi rebels.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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