It is estimated the difference in the salaries of Hollywood actors and Actresses


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Salaries of Hollywood actors turned out to be more than the Actresses. This is with reference to the researchers from the universities of Huddersfield, Wisconsin and Lancaster, reports The Guardian.

Economists estimate that the average difference in salary is about $ 1.1 million for one movie. To such conclusion experts have come, analyzing data on income 246 men and women who starred in 1343 movies from 1980 to 2015. The analysis was based on several sources, including IMDb (Internet Movie Database) and Box Office Mojo.

For the calculations the researchers used a number of variables — the previous successes of actors, availability of awards and popularity in social networks. According to economists, the difference in earnings is relatively stable. For example, indicators of 2015 about the same as in 1980.

The difference in salary, as noted, may depend on the genre of movie or the age of the actor. For example, actors of action movies are getting for the $ 1.8 million more than the actress, and the men who reach the age of 50, can obtain more than four million dollars for the film.

Hollywood stars several years trying to draw attention to unequal earnings for the same work performed. Recently, a scandal was caused by the disclosure of the salaries of the actors of the film “Scam American way”. Christian bale and Bradley Cooper received 2.5 million dollars and nine percent from fees, after being on set for 45 days. Actress Amy Adams spent the same amount of time, but received 1.25 million dollars and seven percent of the fees.

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