Reveals the reason different people’s reactions to stress


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Protein in human bones may be the cause of the body’s response to stress. This publication reports the Scientific American.

The magazine said that for decades, scientists believed the hormones secreted by the adrenal glands, the cause of the reaction “fight or flight” response to stressful situations. Now experts have discovered a new responsible body reaction to the hormone osteocalcin, which is produced human bones.

The doctor and geneticist Gerard Karsenty of Columbia University studied osteocalcin for 20 years. He, together with colleagues found that mice that lacked this substance, were obese and did not breed. This fact has forced the scientist to assume that osteocalcin is a hormone released from the bones into the blood to help regulate various body functions.

The researchers tried to “disable” the production of this substance in the bones of mice and found that animals showed a much more mild change. They had less heart rate not increased temperature and not the increased level of glucose in the blood. This proved the theory that osteocalcin played a role in the stress response.

A neurologist from the University of Cincinnati James Herman noted that his colleagues made a very interesting discovery. According to him, now people know stress is far too simplistic. Herman added that the chemical elements from other parts of the body also affect the stress. He said that previously tied up in their experiments, the stress secreted by fat substances.

Osteocalcin, the primary protein of bone that is involved in the formation of bone tissue. Scientists first identified the eponymous hormone responsible for stress.

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